About Cup Of Tea!

Cup of Tea, LLC provides a virtual supportive space created by

healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. I believe tea
can cure anything. “Drink it. Spill it.”
Here you can exhale, relax and unwind as you advanced through my career burnout program. I understand the stress and anxiety medical and
mental healthcare workers face, because I have experienced
compassion fatigue and burnout.

I will help you create a self-care plan to manage the physical and
emotional rigger of our profession.
I provide prevention and  intervention education for compassion fatigue and career burnout. 

“You cannot pour from an empty cup. Let’s connect over a Cup of Tea.”

My Own Experience with Career Burnout

Nursing began to take a toll on me . I felt mentally, physically and emotional drained . I couldn't take the stress and anxiety of the profession anymore . I said enough is enough and toke control of my life. 

My Background

I've been a Registered Nurse for 15 years. Throughout my career I have worked all across the U.S and abroad.  I have experience in patient care, education , leadership, Healthcare IT and consulting. I'm also a certified Mental Health First Aid Responder and Behavior Change Specialist . I enjoy traveling and Crossfit in my spare time. I'm patiently waiting to check my 66th country of the bucket list. 

Why I became a Career Burnout Coach

After coaching myself  and coworkers on how  to create the life they've always wanted , I knew that  my purpose and passion in life was to help other healthcare professionals transform their lives .“I want to be for my profession what I needed.”

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