"Kym is so great! She really listens to the things you say and helps make your problems seem possible to overcome".

                            Melissa. A

" After my talk with Kym, I felt a sense of relief and direction.  I like many others have so much on my plate that I felt like I was going to go crazy but Kym gave me some great self care tips that I have incorporated into my daily life and I'm starting to feel the anxiety slowly fade away.  Thank you!"

                       Angela. D


"Being the head of a household with dependents while living in a foreign country with no other family, I have to be ok - I need to be their strength, their provider, their help and source of assurance. So, after several pretty life-altering events (birth of a child, loss of a child, heartbreak, loss of a sibling), I felt myself crumbling and unsure who to turn to and how to cope. I kept these erupting feelings bottled up and hidden so as to allow everyone's lives to continue as required, however inside I felt like a mess - confused, eternally sad, lost and hopeless. Luckily, I found Cup of Tea and Kym just in time. Kym provided just what I needed - a private and safe place for me to firstly speak about everything, but also to go into depth on how these events made me feel, the effects they have on my present and how they could affect my future. Bit my bit we discussed each potential obstacles I presented and was offered sound guidance on ways to work through each. I was left with assurance and comfort that cleared firstly my head, which in turn allowed me to feel more rested and positive in the fact that - with the right tools and actions - I can have more desirable outcomes. I feel like I can enjoy my "here and now" so much more, already, and I am still working through this process". 


I am eternally grateful for such a service - I know, now, that I am not alone - I have a place to turn to when I need it. The value of that - in itself - is immeasurable. 


Thank you, Kym x 

Tenisha . P

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